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Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm PST
you buy navy wool pants with 13 buttons. the first kaplan's opened up during the war. they remade used military clothing for civilian use. >> i used to go. we would bid on it or bite blind. >> lucky for them camouflage never went out of style. >> the hippy movement came along. we did very well. >> he has seen the rougher side of downtown market street go through changes. twitter moving into the neighborhood doesn't phase him. >> everyday is a new thing. you have to take care of business. >> any corporations try to take you guys over? >> no. but let me know. let me know. hello. >> they asked me if i retired. i said i am tired, not retired. >> it is one of the oldest family-run business in the city and they plan to stick around. linda yee, cbs 5. >>> lawmakers take their christmas break without resolving the fiscal cliff problems. the millions of dollars in cuts bay area people face if a deal isn't reached. >>> two firefighters respond to a call and get kill bid an excon. why police call it a trap. >>> i am adrianna diaz. ,,,, well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we coul
Dec 25, 2012 6:00pm PST
and this is mark wholesome with a followup dunk. arizona state gets ready to face navy in this sat day's kraft fight hunger bowl at at&t park, they are doing it with heavy hearts. asu running back aryan brice lost his brother when he was shot and killed in houston. it was a robbery over a pair of air jordan basketball shoes. he was a sun devils second leading leader in rush. he is expected took back for the game. >> terrible situation. we hope 20 get him back here and i hope that he will be playing in the game. we dedicate the game for marion's brother. that's been tough. we are a family. that's how the sun devils nation operates. that's a time of grieving for him, obviously. he will be joining us today. a lot of things a lot more important than football but he want s to be with his brothers. >>> the nfl may have a day off. despite the 'em baring 42-13 loss on sunday, the 49ers can still win the nfc west with a win. they are a and a half a game up. it would help if seattle were to lose this weekend, but needless to say 49ers still having a shot to make some noise. they are still right now as a
Dec 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
wrenching. >> the djs have been suspended and their show has been canceled. >>> a navy seal is being praised as a fallen hero tonight. heeded during a rescue mission in afghanistan. >>> a couple of armed crooks trying to car jack a woman. the news is the suspects are children. happened in portland oregon saturday. a 22-year-old woman was waiting for her parents who were in their church. that's when a 7-year-old and an 11-year-old walked up to the driver side window. >> the 7-year-old told the 11- year-old, he was like she her the piece. he showed -- he flashed me his gun. i was like is that real. he said you don't have to ask if it's real. that's how you get yourself shot. >> turn out it was a very real loaded .22 caliber handgun. the woman drove off and called 911. portland police caught the children later. they were too young so they were handed over to their parents but they still could face charges. >>> the governor gives his official stamp of approval. the milestone in california's new legal pot law and the obstacles that remain. >>> lights in the sky in the bay area. what one expert sp
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm PST
in the united states navy didn't know where to go, felt lost and wounded warrior project reached out records travis' injuries ended his naval career, but being here gives him hope. >> being in the military we have all been hurt. you know, you just become friends right away. >> reporter: they sit together for a meal that binds them in a different way. not only in the country's service, but what happens after they have come home. [ applause ] >> whoo! >> reporter: reporting from st. helena, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. >>> coming up in our next half hour, the phone call that ended days of torture. >> and to hear him say, i found her, i found her, i can't explain it. >> how a california woman survived several days stranded in the snow. >> why a bay area neighborhood is fighting so hard to stop a new starbucks from moving in. >> and an exciting night in the bay area with the official lighting of the san francisco christmas tree. good evening, i'm roberta gonzales with mobile weather as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. people are stuck in very old habits of using toothpaste to clean thei
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4